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This is must have !

A clean app that help you to feel secure with your computer. Very easy to use and the sync is such that you can have really complicated passwords on all devices without having to do intense copy-pasting. I highly recommend !!

Brain space and time saver

And of course the best way to avoid your digital personal life to be messed up. The Web browser plugin is amazing.

Reliable and simple

No need to read a manual. I appreciate the simplicity, no recurring fees, no data located on their servers and the list of new features I don’t have time to test. I am slowly moving dozens of logins, code and private information to it. This solves a problem in my life. Love it. Make it sexier.

Great app !

Great I use it everyday but since the last version the 1password mini has a delay when we click on the icon to access its data (when we are already logged-in). :(

Conflicts with Text Expander

This was a great app but is now a nightmare to use as it constantly blocks Text Expander from working. Have to close 1Password. Use Text Expander and then re-open 1Password. The developer has known about the fault for months yet has done nothing to fix it. A real shame.


This app does exactly what you need simple and great ..

The muti-platform password Manager that does it all — in style

I used keypass for years on Windows & iOS then a few years ago bought 1Password because Keepass on the Mac is buggy & slow. What a revelation! I learned what a password manager/authentication store _should_ be. Plugins for all major Navigators, Syncs where I want it to, Tags, autofill. 1Password autofills credentials easily with no fuss. In addition, the support is great with regular updates

Still great

Thank you for the regular updates and nice explanations. 1Password remains a pleasure to use, and a trusty companion!

Mandatory app for everyone

Its very hard to keep track of all the accounts we have nowadays. Even harder is to generate strong and unique passwords for each one of them! 1Password solves this problem with its beautiful, fast and effective interface. Highly recommended!

Worth every penny

Vale cada centavo! Solução definitiva de gerenciamento de senhas e similares nas plataformas Apple.

Excelent! A must have app

This wonderful app worth every penny you invest on it. It helps you keep organized with passwords, documents, logins and any private information you migh keep. Always updated with corections and new features absolutely recomended.

Not working anymore

Since the last update is not working anymore, I can not access my passwords :-(

Simply the best PWD MGMT App out there!

Your app is just rock’n’roll! Thanks so much for making such a nice piece of software nd especially for writing these awesome update texts. They are always a pleasure to read

Best password manager

It works like a charm, especially if you want to manage your passwords across devices (Ive got a MacbookPro and an iPhone). Also, their support is really great: quick and helpful. The only question I still have is about internal audits that ascertain the integrity of their source code. But it might just be my paranoia.

Never again without! Best Pwd Mananger

Tried a few for many years, but this one is by far the best of breed. Love the TouchID, Safari Extension. Cloud Sync is great and having the possibility to add fields allows to not only store passwords, etc. but ALL important data that you want to store centrally and safe. Clear recommendation to buy - great value for money

it’s great...

… to have this. I never want to miss it. AgileBits-team… you did a great job!

The best just got better!

I’ve used 1password for years. It’s indispensable in my workflow and for tech support. iCloud sync was momentous. I’m looking forward to implementing Teams and using the latest v6 enhancements. Thanks AgileBits.

Late Releases

Really wish Apple would speed up the process of releasing software on MAS when the non-MAS version of the software is released by the developer. The time lag is unnecessary given that Apple should be able to test it out in two hours.


Can’t live without it.

The most useful app I own

This is a must have if you want to stay secure. I’ve been using 1Password for years and it continues to get better every year. Ever since Touch ID was introduced on iOS, I can easily login to any app or website through Safari. I use multiple vaults, one for work and one personal. Syncing works extremely well on both iCloud and Dropbox. I’ve never had any major problems on either OS X or iOS. My father is now a 1Password user and I plan to get the rest of my family on it. My only regret is not being able to give them more money for this extremely valuable app.

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